Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Out Effort or Just Plain Fast

I ran a short 3 mile race today on Base. It was the first time I've run a race that short in a few years. And because of that I decided to run a different style. I pushed the pace for the first mile and then stepped it up into the uncomfortable zone for as long as I could. That lasted for about half a mile. I never looked at my watch and in fact didn't know my time until after I had finished the run and did a half mile cool down. My time was around 23 minutes. So I was very pleased.

Tim Noakes in the “Lore of Running” says these shorter "5K to 16K races are excellent forms of speed training." He goes on to write: "These races should be run as hard efforts controlled by the sensation of effort rather than by the stopwatch."

In my next marathon, I want to improve my time. Actually, I want to run between 4:00 and 4:20. I need to increase my speed…so today’s short run was the first step in making that goal possible.

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