Thursday, November 13, 2008

How about those Knees

I ran a race this morning at the base. One of the other runners asked how my running was going and of course I told him, I was running the Pasadena Marathon on Sunday. With a look that kind of threw me, he said..."What about your knees...don't you know if you run to many marathons you will miss your knees up?"

I wanted to tell him take a look...I already missed the left knee up...but that was in a skiing accident. The truth is that running doesn't hurt your knees anymore then walking...and you do that everyday.

I haven't seen the reports, but I have heard that there are some medical studies out there that are saying that runners actually have fewer knee problems then non-runners. And from my own view point...I was skiing when I blew my ACL out...not running. In fact I honestly believe had I been running more during the time prior to the skiing legs might not have gone out like they did...but that is only speculation on my part.

Most injuries I have come from other sports and activities other then my running. So until they can actually show that running is going to hurt me...I'm's the other stuff that has hurt me in the past.

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Anonymous said...

I think their is more of a chance to get heat stroke during this race than messing up your knee.

Good luck on your race. I posted updates related to the Pasadena Marathon onto my blog at

Be safe and drink lots of water.