Monday, May 3, 2010

Sister's Inspiration

I was blessed by having two great older sisters. My eldest sister, Ann died a few years ago. Before her accident that eventually took her life, she was always trying to make life better for others. As a school teacher, youth director at church…you name it she was always doing for others. When she finally died, her organs were donated to several individuals. She was an inspiration.

My next oldest sister has been busy raising a family and working in her church. A few years ago as her youngest child left home, she started walking and did the Austin Half Marathon, which made me very proud. But this past year she topped that effort and made me start to reconsider why I’m doing all the running I’ve been doing. She ran the Houston Half Marathon, but she did it for the Presbyterian Children Home. She raised money in memory of my father, but she also did something to raise awareness. That inspired me.

This past weekend while running the Frederick Half Marathon, I can across a flier for Team World Vision. “World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, family and their communities worldwide…by tackling the cause of poverty and injustice.” My wife and I have been supports for years of World Vision. Now I’m going to sign on to help them raise awareness while I run.

A few weeks ago a media personality made disparaging remarks about certain churches and organization seeking to promote social justice. I have been troubled by that comment. All Christians are about social justice. It is a mandate to our faith. Yes, we will always have the poor among us, but we are also our brother/sister keeper…and that means we have a responsibility. There are people who are stuck in poverty all around this world…and I’m going to try to make a difference.

So I’m adding a link to World Vision’s website on this…and I’m going to start raising money for them. Hope you will donate, I am…my pledge is $100 for every race I run this year and hopefully next year even more. We all have a responsibility to use our talents for others.

And for my sister who inspired me…thanks…you’re a great big sister.


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AWE thanks

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