Friday, June 18, 2010

New Computer

This year has been a pain when it comes to computers for me.  When I got home from Kuwait in August, my home computer crashed because the anti-virus wasn't updated while I was away and a virus took the whole thing down.  Then during the move to Maryland in October, the hard drive ended up damaged from the move and had to get a new hard drive.  Then the DVD when out...and then in  May the motherboard died.  So after using the Dell Computer for 2 years, it was time to replace the beast.  So I made the move to the Apple iMac computer.  I have to say it was because my daughter #2 loved her new Apple and my sister. I'm an Apple.  So far all I can say is that I'm glad I'm no longer a PC...but ask me that question again in about two years.

So now a quick report on my running.  Its been going great.  I'm building up for the Air Force and Marine Corp Marathons in September and October.  So stay tune...more to come.

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snw06c said...

Apple's are bringing sexy back! Once Autodesk starts releasing apple versions of their software in 2012 we will be a completely Mac family. If fez could use a computer I'd buy him an apple.