Sunday, September 19, 2010

Air Force Marathon 2010

Well, I finished the Air Force Marathon in 4:31. Not a record and slower then I had hoped to run but... Given that last week was extremely busy and I had a headcold...I'll just be thankful that I finished the run,

I also changed my strategy the day before the race....not a good thing to do. I'd been training to do 5 minute cycles of 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. But because of the headcold, and not being very motivated to run by myself, I decided to run with the 4:20 pace group. To be honest it was fun to run with several people, but I could tell about the 15 mile mark, my breathing was getting harder, but I was already committed to make it with the group.

I was right on pace with the group until the 20 mile mark and then my sinuses and headache from the cold kind of jumped on my back. Also by that time in the morning the temperature was well on its way to nearly 80+ degrees. So I'll start focusing on my next test. The Baltimore Half Marathon. My goal for that race is to break the 2 hour mark.

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