Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reading "Running With God" by Berry Simpson

I just picked up or should say that I downloaded to my Kindle the book, "Running With God" by Berry Simpson. In his intro he grabbed my attention quickly with this insight:

"I first started running in the summer of 1978 to win the heart of a girl, but instead, I found God. He chose running to be one of the places he revealed himself to me. Through my time alone, on my feet, the God of my parents and my grandparents became my God. It was on the road and on the trail that my relationship with God became personal. We developed a friendship which grew bigger than church and became deeper than rules of behavior."

Just change the year to 1974 and that could be me. Funny, but girls have away to make every guy in the world do something they would never believe possible. For me, 1974 was a start of a journey that I'm still on. But the more important line of the quote is what really got me thinking. My faith in God, during all those runs did develop a friendship great then I would have imagined and gave me rules...of very deep significant. I was forever changed in the quiet runs and through the challenges constantly presented to me. Yes, if you run far'll find God there beside you calling you to a new life.

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