Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What does it mean to be educated?

This past weekend, I attended my daughter's (#2) graduation from a major university on the east coast. It was impressive. I was so very proud of my daughter and her hard work. She earned her Master of Science my opinion something that ranks up there as one of the hardest accomplishments in life.

Education is one the most important parts of life. We should be continually striving to learn new things. But what does it mean to be educated?

M. Scott Peck writes that thinking is a very hard thing to do because it is about seeing the truth in both sides of an argument and living with the fact that both are right. It is about seeing that only part of the truth is available and the other part will never be known. Its about feeling all right to have only a partial truth. Finally its about making up your own mind and sometimes going against the majority of others.

To me, being educated is not a matter of being intelligent, rather it is away of thinking deeply about things. It is about asking questions concerning issues and facts. It is holding doubt and acceptance in both hands and feeling comfortable with them. It is not a conclusion but rather a process that never ends.

I hope I never lose the curiosity to learn...and continue my own education.

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