Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, now I can say that I lived through my first major earthquake...not really...if you witnessed the broadcast from the news agencies it was fun watching the report. Initially, they reported it as a 5.8, then about an hour later 5.6, then about four hours later 5.2 then finally in one broadcast about 6 hours later 4.8. So what was the truth...I have no clue. It doesn't really matter for most of us. Building engineers and fire/rescue people are the ones who really do care...but most of us...we get to say we lived through a 5.8 earthquake...and that sounds like we lived through something dramatic.

To be honest most of our lives are humdrum the any little excitement and we get to say we were there. So that really bad snow storm becomes the "Blizzard of 75" and the bad summer thunderstorm becomes the storm of the century. But most of us, if any of us, really are not the true survivors. Those in the eye of the storm have a different point of view and it is not one of excitement but more often of fear. So...I survived the earthquake...and it was fun.

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