Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Entanglement Theory

Polkinghorne writes: "EPR Effect (Entanglement Theory) is a counterintuitive togetherness-in-separation that implies that two quantum entities that have interacted with each other remain mutually entangled, however far they may subsequently separate in space. Effectively, they remain a single system, for acting on the one 'here' will produce an immediate effect on its distant partner."

I spent this morning with my daughter and the college recruiter walking around the campus. We visited many of the new buildings on campus and several of the old ones. As we were concluding the tour, the college recruiter asked if I heard the story about the old dining hall being haunted and if I knew anything about the old printing press workshop that was in the basement. I remembered.

I remember setting type with Dr Winship in the basement as we printed pamphlets for several different college programs and special papers. "Sign of St George" was the name of the workshop. Dr Winship passed away several years ago, so was the basement workshop still haunted by his presence? Apparently it is...now his print shop still stands with presses covered and a layer of dust coating everything in the shop. And for this one student of his that remembered…what that workshop was like…his memory and his work was alive.

When we deal with the past, voyaging back in our memories or in visiting old haunts, the connections still binds us to things even if they have been forgotten. The entanglement theory was one of Einstein’s last major contributions to quantum physics. And yet it provides a reason for this connectiveness that makes no logical sense. Time/Space continuum is a mystery…but when one particle is effected by something it will effect its partner particle immediately regardless of where that particle is in Time/Space.

When we meet and connect with others…they leave trace residue with us…and we are connected on a subatomic level. If we allow ourselves to recognize this bond then there is a dramatic implication. Love is this dramatic implication…when we are bonded to each other. Our ability to have empathy for others helps us heal, encourage, support and strengthen them and ourselves. We benefit and help ourselves when we reach out to others.

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