Sunday, July 20, 2008


This week one of the issues I have been dealing with is my mother being hospitalized. Living over 2 thousand miles away, and wanting to be home with her didn't feel very good. I love my mother deeply, and knowing that she was sick and not doing well made me want to rush to her bedside to do something. See that's a guy thing...the do something. To set and just be with something is never enough. Guys want to be involved. And I'm like that. I want to do something to take away her pain and her confusion. And not being able to do that was down right uncomfortable.

But then I go back to that EPR effect idea (Entanglement Theory). It is an earlier posting in this blog. The idea that we are connected on the subatomic level and anything that effects one effect the other regardless of their location has to have a effect. My prayers, my sending out good and healing thoughts towards her isn't a New Age, make you feel good thing. The reality is that God makes these connections so that we express and experience the best of life...both its pain and more importantly its joy.

My pain, my confusion of not being with my mother, was not so unlike her own as she was in the ICU. My prayers and thoughts supported her and with that I have no doubt. I can easily say that I was with her in my spirit...and it would be the truth.

Henri Nouwen once wrote about the creative ministry of absence. I have not doubt that absence and separation, although uncomfortable...still works.

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