Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leaving Home, Again

I'm missing my eldest daughter(#1), who left home again this past weekend. She left home not in a bad way but in a great way. She was flying back east to start her career as an actress via way of visiting her younger sister(#2) who is still in graduate school back east.

Being a father of four talented children is scarry at times. You want them to be successful, and at the same time you don't want to be pushy and at the same time you want them to be productive and at the same time...you hold your breath and watch them walk away into their future.

Our eldest daughter (#1) went off to college and grad school, only to return this summer to visit us for really the first time in three years. Having her at home was wonderful, and I was surprised at how hard she worked at everything. Her work ethic changed dramaticly over the past years. She spent hours and days working on her lines for the play she will be performing back east this year. She was up every morning at 4 am to work in a local coffee shop because she didn't want to have us, her parents, pay for everything. Then this past Sunday we took her to the Airport to send her off to "work."

I miss her...not being around the house, just like I miss our second daughter who is working hard in her grad school back east. (Actually in just a few weeks, I'll be headed back east again for our second daughter's graduation from grad school.) But what is really nice is to know they believe in themselves and they will be successful because they love what they are doing.

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