Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year and New Goals

Last year was a blurrer. My daughter (#2) got married last Christmas and was Christmas again....and now a new year. Where did 2009 go? Sorry this blog has not been kept up to date but with the changes in my life, moving from California to Maryland, and then having this computer crash on me twice in two months...I've not done a good job. But this is a new year.

Actually, this is a new moment and a new chance to start again. Yea...the turning of the calendar from one year to the next seems to help us put a period at the end of the sentence, but we can do that anytime. So this year...what do I want to accomplish. Number 1 Goal...spend more time with my family...I missed 190 days this past year while deployed with the Army. Number 2 a few more marathons...last year I only ran one...the Marine Corp...which by the way is no longer one of my favorites. (This is the second time I've run the race in the past three years...and the organzation of the event was advice...find another one for your first marathon. Yea...I'll still give the course a A+...but the organization...nothing better then a D- right up there with the Surf City Marathon...another one to avoid if at all possible...and giving how many good marathons there are in the LA area...that should be possible.) Goal number a better job at keeping this blog up. Well...I'm out of here to work on that Number 1 to spend more time with my wonderful wife and kids.

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