Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rest Day

Today was my rest day for the week. It is funny, since I've not been running as much over the past few months, I really felt stupid taking the day off. I feel like I need to get out there and make up for all the time I took off. Guilt has the way of causing us to over act. My guilt for not training for the past two months tried to influence me to try to make amend for my past laziness. Had I given in and ran, I increased the possibility of over training and injuring myself.

As a pastor, I have seen individuals lives totally destroyed because they are overwhelmed with feelings of quilt. Their quilt tells them to over act in their relationship. They try too hard to make people like them. They give forgiveness to others who abuse them because they feel that the abuse they received is deserved. Guilt becomes a motivator in their lives and they lose their boundaries.

Guilt has a role in our lives. It should be a motivator to keep us on track to continue our growth as individuals. But guilt should never overwhelm us to the point that it causes behavior that damages that growth. So have a little grace and take a day of rest when needed. Have a little grace and know that God can remove the guilt.

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