Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bob Wilson, Father and Pastor...but always just "Bob"

My father who passed away over a year ago wrote the following.  As I reflect on what he said in really discribes who he was.

One morning, I went by the office of the church where I had pastored for 15 years.  There in the kitchen were a group of men from the church discussing various concerns about the church and it's place in their lives.  I sat there for a while listening to their discussion, without getting involved.  One of the men said, "I don't know what to call the new pastor."  He then turned to me and asked, "What did people call you when you were the pastor here?"

I thought about the question for a few moment and replied, "Well, when I graduated from Seminary and became a pastor of my first church, a few individuals called me 'Reverend.'  Then when I went into the Air Force some called me 'Chaplain.'  After retiring from the Air Force and coming to this church, I returned to seminary and earned my doctorate degree which gave me the privilege to put Doctor in front of my name."

There was a few minutes of silence as I continued to think about the answer.  Again the gentleman asked, "So what did the people in this church call you?" 

I said "Bob."

As I think about my Dad...yea...that was who he was to the people he served..."Bob."  I only hope I can have the same sense of service that titles never go to my head.

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