Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Stories

I've been watching the Olympics from Vancouver the last few days. As a long distance runner, I always follow those cross-country type events. I'm always inspired by the dedication and the stories of these athletes who over come hardships and challenges. It is hard not to cheer for those who are out there trying their best even if it is just them finishing the race.

The other day as I watched the women’s 10K cross country, two individuals really stood out to me. The first was the American Caitlin Compton from Minnesota who finished in 30th place doing the distance in 26:49.1. It was her first Olympic competition, but watching her finish, you could see incredible determination. I can’t wait to see what she does in 4 years. She has heart and she showed it out there on Monday.

The other was Jaqueline Mouras from Brazil…yes, Brazil…not a place I would ever think would produce Winter Olympic athletes…but there she was skiing her way to 62nd place in 30:22.2. I was so impressed and what really impressed me was my best running time for a 10K is only 36:30 something…these ladies out there in the snow were still moving a whole lot faster then I run. Okay I’m inspired…and all I can say is thanks Caitlin and Jaqueline…you two win gold medals in motivating us all.

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