Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I too have a goal in mind

"So often, I too, have a goal in mind, a vision of ministry to fulfill. But You, O God are Sovereign, I am employed for Your service and You maintain the right to alter my plans in whatever way You wish. Keep me alert to Your leading and attuned to Your purposes. Help me to be prepared in season and out of season, ready to do good works which you have prepared in advance for me to do."

I actually read this prayer back in December, but it's been playing in my mind for the past few days. The part that I'm stuck on is "You maintain the right to alter my plans..." I hate to admit it but I get stuck. I want things to go according to my plans...and they never do. As much as I try to control the situation, I'm never in control.

Just like in running, I have to deal with the weather...or the stress of my personal daily schedule, I need to learn to adapt and let each day come as it may. Training for my marathons truly have taught me to be dependent on God...for everything.

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Laura said...

I like that prayer. Then each morning God shows me my day. Not what I planed at all.