Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Returning from Travels

I hate to admit this age is catching up to me. Once upon a time, I was always able to get back to normal after a length trip, but this time...a different story. I was in the Far East last week visiting and teaching classes in SafeTALK. I'm getting back to running this week, but very slowly. As I learned from the great running coach getting out and running easily will help. So yesterday, I got out and did a short 4 mile run. Today I'm going to try for a quick 2 miles and then on Thursday get out and do 6 miles. Friday off and then Saturday back to my running schedule for the Marine Corp Marathon...with a 2 hour run.

Running should be keeping things simple and easy is more important than training hard and risking injury and burn-out. So when you have stressful time at work or home...or if you traveling...give yourself a break and get away from you training schedule. When things get back to normal...then go back to the schedule.

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