Wednesday, December 29, 2010

National Marathon

Well, I'm signed up for the National Marathon. I ran the Half-Marathon this past year, but like in all these combined races with Half and Full Marathons...I'm always wishing I had done the full. So this coming year...I'm going after the Full Marathon. So now back to training.

Marine Corps Marathon 2010

My eldest daughter completed her first marathon. I helped her train and then paced her through the race. I was totally blown away. She ran a perfect marathon. Her first half and second half of the race was totally even. She never hit the wall and she managed to keep a sub 5 hour pace. After our 20 mile run back a few weeks ago, she shared that she wanted to finish under 5 hours...and she did. She ran a 4:55.

As we were headed out of Crystal City at about the 24 mile marker, I noticed that she was tearing up. Worried I asked her what was wrong. My fear was that she had finally hit the wall. But no, she responded. "I'm going to finish this in under 5 hours...I can't believe it."

The key to her success was Jeff Galloway's run/walk cycle. She nailed it.