Friday, June 8, 2012

Leaves of Gold...Almost Forgotton

I am preparing once again to move, and I have started the traditional process of throwing stuff away. In about 3 weeks, we will be moving to Georgetown in Washington, DC...and the house we are moving into is smaller than our current home. thinking is...let's get ready of the stuff we don't need and haven't used in several years. Easy process, but I almost made a huge mistake.

Last year my mother gave me several of my father's old books...some I've looked at and used, others I've passed on to individuals who might benefit from them...and some of the really old ones that are damaged and in bad condition I've actually thrown out.

Just about an hour ago, I was going through the old books again. I came across an old book entitled "Leaves of Gold." I flipped through the pages...and it a collection of old prayers, poems and inspirational stories, but nothing I felt was worthy of keeping. As I walked to the trash can to throw it out, I flipped to the front page. Written on the page was "Presented to Maggie and John, October 25, 1950 on their Golden Wedding Anniversary" signed by Pearl L. Walker.

I recognized the Maggie and John as my father's parents and this was one of the gifts presented to them at their 50th Anniversary. But the real value was on the opposing page on the left side. There was a list of signatures...signatures of family members who were present for the celebration. As I looked through the signatures, there were several uncles, aunts and other family members most of them now gone from this life. As I looked through them...there was my father and mother' signatures.

The book means little to me...but, the signature page...priceless.