Tuesday, January 26, 2010

National Marathon

Okay...I'm signing up for the National Marathon...not because I'm in shape to run it but because I need to get in shape.  I did 6 miles on Saturday and then walked about another 6 miles in DC that afternoon.  But knowing me...I can get in shape and run it.  The real reason:  I need a reason to get myself going.  I need a goal to reach out and touch...and this will give me that challenge.

So here we go....

Okay...side note just to update, I've decided due to the snow to just run the 1/2 marathon.  I know I could do it but the snow fall here has been a record amount and I don't want an injury.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Jr Day

I don't know if that after weeks of 30 degree weather, but there is something I like about my MLK Jr Day runs.  Over the past years, MLK Day has given me a day to just get back out there and running.  Today was so nice and warm.  Now I'm getting my self focused on the National Marathon in March. Yea...I'm going to run it.  Its time to get back into the swing of things.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rest Day

Today was my rest day for the week. It is funny, since I've not been running as much over the past few months, I really felt stupid taking the day off. I feel like I need to get out there and make up for all the time I took off. Guilt has the way of causing us to over act. My guilt for not training for the past two months tried to influence me to try to make amend for my past laziness. Had I given in and ran, I increased the possibility of over training and injuring myself.

As a pastor, I have seen individuals lives totally destroyed because they are overwhelmed with feelings of quilt. Their quilt tells them to over act in their relationship. They try too hard to make people like them. They give forgiveness to others who abuse them because they feel that the abuse they received is deserved. Guilt becomes a motivator in their lives and they lose their boundaries.

Guilt has a role in our lives. It should be a motivator to keep us on track to continue our growth as individuals. But guilt should never overwhelm us to the point that it causes behavior that damages that growth. So have a little grace and take a day of rest when needed. Have a little grace and know that God can remove the guilt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold...yea...its been years!

Okay God and I had a little talk this afternoon while I was out there running in the 20 something temperatures. What gives? God takes me out of California...wonderful LA 70 something and puts me in Maryland just in time for the cold...and now I'm dealing with 20 degree weather.

A few of my friends know me too well. When I shared how much snow we had here just before Christmas with them on Facebook, they came back with that wouldn't stop me from getting out there and running. And yea...they were right. The cold weather is not going to stop me...but it doesn't mean I'm ready for it. All my winter running gear is old and worn out. Moths have had a field day eating hole in my wool mitts.

Actually my favorite runs are those I take during snow storms. Running in the cold really comes down to dressing for the weather. The key...layer on the cloths. Typically that means about three to four layers plus a good hat and gloves. If you dress for the cold you can actually have pretty nice runs. But don't worry even us die heart runners have a hard time heading out of the nice warm house for those cold chilly winds. So I'm restocking my weather running clothing and then head back out for a few more cold weather runs.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year and New Goals

Last year was a blurrer. My daughter (#2) got married last Christmas and then...it was Christmas again....and now a new year. Where did 2009 go? Sorry this blog has not been kept up to date but with the changes in my life, moving from California to Maryland, and then having this computer crash on me twice in two months...I've not done a good job. But this is a new year.

Actually, this is a new moment and a new chance to start again. Yea...the turning of the calendar from one year to the next seems to help us put a period at the end of the sentence, but we can do that anytime. So this year...what do I want to accomplish. Number 1 Goal...spend more time with my family...I missed 190 days this past year while deployed with the Army. Number 2 Goal...run a few more marathons...last year I only ran one...the Marine Corp...which by the way is no longer one of my favorites. (This is the second time I've run the race in the past three years...and the organzation of the event was horriable...my advice...find another one for your first marathon. Yea...I'll still give the course a A+...but the organization...nothing better then a D- right up there with the Surf City Marathon...another one to avoid if at all possible...and giving how many good marathons there are in the LA area...that should be possible.) Goal number 3...do a better job at keeping this blog up. Well...I'm out of here to work on that Number 1 goal...got to spend more time with my wonderful wife and kids.