Monday, March 29, 2010

AT - Challenge for the future

Yesterday after church, my wife, son and self went up to Harper's Ferry, WVa for the afternoon.  We ended up hiking a little bit on the trails around Harper's Ferry.  For you who don't know--the Appalachian Trail ,that runs from Georgia to Maine, passes through the town.  Also the Appalachian Trail Headquarter is located in Harpers Ferry as it is considered the half way point on the trail.

It was great.  A bit on the cold side and we did get wet from hiking in the rain the last quarter mile of our trek...but it was great getting out and seeing spring starting to arrive.  The trees were budding, there were wonderful wild flowers poking up out of the ground.  It was perfect.

I've even come up with another challenge for the future as we were hiking along the trail.  By the end of summer, I'm going to do the Maryland section of the AT.  It is about a 40 plus mile section, so I think I could easily do it in three days.  So besides all these half marathons, and marathons I have schedule.  I now have a wilderness experience to look forward to enjoying.

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