Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where is spring?

When is spring going to get here? It’s March already. It’s still cloudy and wet…we still have snow on the ground from our massive snow storm in the early part of February. To be truthful, I can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun out… maybe peeking through the clouds… but…. out as in bright and… here is the key… warm. I’m just ready for spring.

Getting into a blue mood isn’t unusual.  But how to get out of this funk? That’s the question.

As I thought about this the other day…I thought about other times when I felt trapped by the weather, or work, or just the stresses of life. Then it hit me…get out and get running. Yea…getting out and getting the body moving has always helped get me out of my depression. Something that I’ve done before…and don’t recommend to anyone…is runing streak.

Running streak is getting out and running every day for a period of time…my longest streak is 101 days of running, done way back in 1987. I’m not an advocate because I believe rest is an important part of keeping running fresh and injury free.

Still there is something about getting your body moving for a few days in a row to get your head back in the game. Focus…is key. So on Sunday, I started a streak…my longest of the year… I’ve actually run four straight days. And today was a battle to get outside and run. But I did it.

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this streak going…I was thinking about 20 to 50 days…but then my old self…the one that thinks it’s 20 years old…came in to the discussion and said, "You can do 100 days…you did it before." Yea…but that was 1987…this is 2010…do the math…that's one too many years to think I can do it and not pay the price. But still…smart running…what I can do?  So for now I'll keep this streak going for a few more days…and who knows. The price paid maybe just enough to get me out of this funk.


Laura said...

Streak running in college was all the guys running butt naked.

Don Wilson said...

That was streaking....